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Self-Delivery Activities


West Leeds Activity Centre are now in a position to train school and youth club staff to deliver a selection of the following activities – assault course & water slide, orienteering, nightline, bushcraft and go-karts.

This reduces the cost to the organisation and once staff have been trained on an activity there’s no limit on the amount of groups they can bring.

Training lasts for 3 hours including reading and signing risk assessments.

Prices are as follows:
Self delivery training: £30 per member of staff or £45 for 2 members of staff (Excl. VAT)
Self delivery session: £45 per hour per activity (Excl. VAT)

Once you have trained to self deliver a session, all you need to do is contact us to book subject to availability.

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Self-Delivery Activities

Self-delivery activities

The activities that we can train staff to deliver Assault Course & Water Slide, Orienteering, Nightline, Bushcraft and Go-Karts

Availability and capacity

Training takes place at West Leeds Activity Centre. We can run the sessions at you convenience. Once you have been trained, Go-Karts and Nightline are for a maximum of 12 young people but Orienteering, Assault Course/Water Slide and Bushcraft can be run for up to 30 young people.

Self-Delivery Activities

We equip you with the skills and facilities to

lead sessions

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Thank you West Leeds Activity Centre for a fun morning of activity instructor training!
– Barca Leeds Young People